Reply to 2.5 year old adjusting to daycare/preschool

It’s kind of an older, mid-size, family owned facility so unfortunately, they don’t have cameras or update with daily pictures, but they do have an open door (with code) policy and you can pretty much drop in or call for updates at any time. On those occasions where my husband or I have shown up early or at unusual times to pick him up, he’s having fun/laughing with other kids. Then as soon as he sees us he bursts into tears as if he hasn’t seen us for weeks 😂. So I don’t know if it’s the best fit out there but it seems pretty good from what I’ve seen so far. Three days is not a lot I agree. I feel like we have to start all over again every week but I see it slooowly getting better. He has been with us or grandparents since birth and he’s pretty much the only grandchild here so he’s been very spoiled too😏. We do talk about school a lot and he seems to like it. He’s pretty vocal about things he doesn’t like, no mistake about that! I feel like he feels like we’re betraying him by leaving him or something… I just hope he gets adjusted soon!