Reply to Daycare- close to home or work?

This was a big decision for us because we both work far from home in opposite directions (thirty to a million minutes away depending on traffic, lol). We ended up choosing a daycare that’s located AT my work and I have to say, it has been a great decision. Not so much for the visiting during the day...that stopped relatively quickly when I realized it was harder on both of us if I popped in and out during her day...but for other things, like emergency situations where she’s not feeling well and needs to be taken home, it’s better. Also, I cannot WAIT to see her at the end of the day and it’s barely a 2 minute drive. The cons for choosing a center near work are that your child now has a long commute and that takes some adjusting. Also, as Charlie said, if you’re sick or need to be close to home but have to leave your child at daycare for some reason that takes some juggling (to be honest I still struggle with this one because I don’t live near family and haven’t established a center or option to “drop off” near me and probably wouldn’t want to put her through a random stranger danger day). So it’s a big consideration if you don’t have childcare options near you. Overall I would recommend first lining up tours at places near your work and near your home. You might end up finding that the only place you like is close to work/home as it is!!