Reply to Child won’t eat

My oldest went through this. He would eat all of the time during a growth spurt and then hardly anything the next week. I know it is frustrating, and you feel like you need to make sure be eats. My philosophy was that he would eat when he was hungry. I just made sure I had substantial snacks/foods available to him when he decided he was ready to eat. My pediatrician wasn't concerned. Also, someone mentioned making the mealtimes more fun and exciting. This helped us as well. We listened to music, sang songs, made up silly songs/rhymes, read books, made up cheers, applied positive reinforcement, and said encouraging words of praise. Now that my son is older, he just enjoys listening to music and sitting down with the family having nice conversations (no electronics/toys at the table). He is 4.5 now, but trust me when I say I know your struggle! Here's to hoping my 4 month old is a better eater! *fingers crossed* 😄