Reply to Don’t feel as bonded to second baby

I didn’t feel as bonded with my first, but I also experienced a lot of trauma, PPD, and anxiety-but in my case, I don’t think I realized it until much later. How was your birth? Was it traumatic at all? I think sometimes that has something to do with it. As you probably remember, the newborn stage is very overwhelming. Also, was your first a good sleeper? My first was horrible at sleeping from birth and didn’t get better for quite a while, while my second was a bit better. But the short answer is yes, it’s totally normal and okay to not feel as bonded. For some people it simply takes time, for some, like me, I love my daughter to pieces, but I am ultimately more bonded with my 2nd, when I’m truthful about it. Just try to do your best to have empathy for this little human, know that they were just brought into the world, and it’s your job to help them (as I’m sure you are doing so well already). How you feel about it will settle eventually as they grow.