Reply to Introducing meat

My daughters first meat was inadvertently sloppy joe and she LOVED it!! Her daycare has a policy for babies under 12 months that if parents want them to eat any meals or snacks from their provided menu we have to okay it. Well one morning my husband dropped her off and they had just started a new menu that I hadn’t signed off on yet so they asked him to. Apparently he was in a huge rush and didn’t understand what they were asking (🙄) and signed off on any food for the whole day. She was 7 months old and had already tried all of the fruits and veggies and carbs they were offering but she hadn’t tried meat yet. So after my lunch I decided to check in on her daycare app and see how her day was going and I saw a note saying they had to change her clothes due to “love of lunch.” So I check the pictures and there’s one where she’s sitting in her chair, covered in sloppy joe with an enormous smile on her face!!! 😲😳. I called them up all first time mom freaking out and they tell me my husband signed off on it and they were so sorry for the mixup BUT if it was any consolation it was the happiest meal for her ever!! Lol. Sooo if you’re still with me after that story, I suggest sloppy joe! :-). If you’re not comfortable with that, any well cooked soft meat should be great!!!