Reply to What is too much?

Thanks Everyone for your comments. They really help and show that I'm not crazy for feeling taken advantage of/thinking they are outrageous. One clarification for the few providers- its $375 per week per child. That means I am paying them $750 a week/ $36,000 a year for just over 10 months worth of 8 hours a day care and no food/etc. This means that they are making approximately $250,000 for less than 10 months of work. This seems outrageous. I get that caring for others children is hard, and that insurance is expensive, but come on! Our Loving Village H.- I WISH I lived in Texas- your facility sounds great and I would happily pay $375 a week per kid for 8 hours of care + 3 meals + 3 snacks! Ken- Your facility sounds great too! The problem i guess i am having is this group wanting to have it all- work form home, flexibility (always adding additional vacation days and asking us to pick them up early), 12 paid holidays (including things like July 5th), vacation (4+ weeks a year), and more. The one girl told another parent that "I want to have more kids, and I need to pay for it somehow" which explains a lot now, but still..... I just don't think that's an appropriate business model. If anyone has any suggestions for the Southern Orange County area- I'm Listening! As we consider #3 in the future- we are going to have to find a new caregiver, and I would like to transition #2 as soon as possible as #1 goes to school next year. Thank you for the help/support/suggestions! great to have the additional opinions!