Reply to Day 2 of potty training - tips?

Yeah I tell him to push his penis down but he doesn’t do it on his own yet. He tried once but ended up just playing with his pee stream and it made a bigger mess. I put shorts on him today, no undies though. So far no accidents 🤞🤞🤞 I just take him to the big potty every hr and he goes. Hopefully as time goes on he can go on a bit longer stretches. One of the times I had to take him away mid activity because I noticed droplets on the front of his shorts (not sure if it was drool or a bit of dribble and he stopped himself). He went but he was mad and didn’t care to wash his hands or even flush the toilet (which he loves). He just rushed back to keep playing after I washed his hands. I know this is going to be a struggle when we finally leave the house. I’m wondering now how other parents deal with this? Do the kids just learn after some time that it’s a quick potty break and then they can go play? Is there a trick or something I could say beside, “let’s take a quick potty break and come right back to playing”?