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Active 9 month old still needs arms swaddled or else he will play instead of sleep 😩


How do I get him to sleep? Even with his crib bare, he will play with the crib walls, or his toes, fingers ... In other words, he will find something even when there is nothing to play with. It doesn't matter if he's tired or sleepy. He will stay up and play even if he's exhausted. I have to use an arm swaddle on him or he'll never sleep. This isn't ideal since he's able to toss and turn, and I'd like to transition him out of arm swaddles. We've tried the Merlin sleep suit. Didn't work, he played because he could use his arms and hands. The Halo sleep sacks worked, but at 20 lbs he's too big for the ones that bind the arms. Essentially if it doesn't keep his arms down snugly, it doesn't work.

  • MB
    Jun 04

    Hey C, can you little one roll over yet? If so it’s a huge safety hazard to have his arms swaddled. Take a look at his wake windows and see if you need to adjust them to make them longer to make sure he is actually tired enough. At his age he should be at 2 naps a day: out of bed then awake for 2.5-3hrs before nap 1, awake 3-3.5hrs then nap 2, then awake 3.5-4hrs before bedtime. If that’s not working, you may be ready for one long nap a day. Some babies are ready by then and others past a year. I would feed my little one 15 minutes before nap, in her room, then read a book or two and lay her down. We developed a routine that let her know it was time to relax and get ready for a nap. I would start there!

  • PK
    Jun 04

    What’s the longest that he’s stayed up for before you intervened? Have you tried a white noise machine? We had a really bad sleep regression around this age. He just couldn’t stop fidgeting and moving around.

  • Shannon
    Jun 05

    We use a zipadee zip sleep suit. Our son is 10.5 months old and 26 pounds, 32 inches tall. He uses the large size.