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Activities for 14 month old

Hello everyone What do you do to keep a 14 month old busy? My son 14 month old. And we can not do much outdoor activities due to weather. So looking for suggestions... Activities that make him learn something Or something just to play with.. He is already walking and running all over the place now.. Give me your ideas/ suggestions/experiences... Thanks in advance..

  • Vlada
    Jan 07

    Indoor play spaces are great and really help with socialization and also give you a chance to meet other parents! There are usually one or two in most places.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07


  • Courtney
    Jan 07

    Most libraries have passes to museums too that you can borrow. I have a 14 month daughter and we do a museum one day, library another, free playgroup another, and a gymnastics class another. Routine but not overly scheduled

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 07

    If you’re looking to stay inside and not leave the house try things like mixing up your own homemade play doh or buy toddler crayons and draw. You can even do water play in the bathtub in the winter. If you want activities that get you out of the house look up local library activities, also music together and toddler gyms are all fun (although any toddler gym will be a germ haven this time of year!!).

  • Kristin
    Jan 08

    Check Susie’s My Busy Toddler, I found her on Instagram, here’s her site

  • Meriksha
    Jan 09

    Thanks everyone..