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Activities outside with twins


I have twins 18th months old I want to go with them to a Park o do something outside with them, but is difficult for me since they walk, runs in different ways. I don’t have someone who come with me no relatives close. Any advise? Thanks in advance!

  • B
    Jul 20

    A bunch of parks near me are fenced in. So then they can run wherever

  • Aye
    Jul 23

    Fenced in parks and back pack leashes or the ones where it clips to your and baby’s hand. I hated the idea of it but now with a 17 month of my own and a 6 month old makes life easier and let’s her have her independence. Or look into indoor parks. There’s bounce houses, trampoline areas, etc. they all have toddler time and/or zone too.

  • A
    Jul 25

    I never had too big of a problem with my twins at the park ... they did/do tend to run opposite directions,. However, they never got too far. Lol And, honestly I would just chase whoever decided to do the more dangerous activity 🤷‍♀️ Probably terrible advice but ... truth. Also, just activities in the backyard - fill up a baby pool, run through the sprinklers. We did a lot of walks too. When they were around that age started letting them out of the stroller or wagon a little bit. I would walk to the trail by our house. When we got to the section of the trail not near a road or anything I would let one of them out. They had so much fun just walking, exploring, picking up sticks ect. Other ideas picnics, the zoo, chalk or finger painting outside.