Activity for introverted 5 y/o

I would really like to get my son involved in an activity. He does not like group sports due to the sensory overload. It is not a good fit for him right now. I think he would do well in music lessons or karate where it is a more individual experience... my main goal is to build his confidence. Anyone else have any activities their introverted child has done well in? Is 5 old enough for these activities?

  • trudy
    Apr 10

    Swimming! An individual sport but can participate in a group setting (or not)

  • Jenn
    Apr 10

    What are his interests? I'm sure there are art classes, music lessons, or maybe a robotics or Lego class?

  • E
    Apr 10

    Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts?

  • Laura
    Apr 10

    Harmony Road music (classes). They’re small group classes, and my son loves them! He’s 5, and I think there are 6 kids total in his class.