Reply to Bloody stool

How did he test him? My baby have had the same thing happen to him at that age, I asked if he can be tested, but both the pediatrician and the GI said there no test for babies this small, and blood testa will not be accurate. But they both agreed I should continue with breastmilk with trying to cut possible allergens, I started with all dairy, then I had to cut out eggs and soy too. They said if the bloody stool continued the next thing to cut was wheat and nuts. Breastmilk has substances in it that helps heal your babies guts! It will be hard as hell grt your baby back on the boob at 6 months. So if you plan on breastfeeding, cut out all allergens from your diet and wait, it takes a couple of weeks for your body to cleanse itself from dairy protien. Our doctors adviced to still breatfeed while that happens. 2.5 weeks later my baby was doing great. I wiuld advice you to get a second openion from a pro breastfeeding doctor!