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I recently went back to work after about 6 months of staying home with my little one (age 2). She is okay when I leave in the morning but when I get home she has been super clingy. To the point where I can’t even walk to another room without her screaming. Bed time is a nightmare. I’ll put her down to bed and she will just cry and cry if you let her. I even tried to let her cry it out and after it went on for an HOUR I figured that wasn’t working. And I feel bad because I’ll here her call “mommy where did you go?” Is there anyway to ease this transition?

  • Katie
    Aug 01

    My son has been going to daycare from 6 months, he is almost 3. He goes through periods where he gets really hard to drop off. My husband and I: 1) Reinforce repeatedly when, and which one of us is picking him up. (After lunch, after nap time, ect) 2) Reinforce mommies and daddies always come back. 3)Reinforce we love him, and have a hug/kiss routine. 3)Make sure we always get him by when we told him we are getting him. It goes in waves, but when it gets hard, it is REALLY hard. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

  • Vanessa
    Aug 02

    My son was the same way but what helped us was practicing waiting by walking into other rooms throughout the day. I had his dad count with him while he waited and since we were doing it so often it helped him get past it and understand I would come back. Best of luck! :)