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Advice for how to wean baby off BM?


My LO is turning one (!!!) and he has already started weaning off BM. Any advice or strategies to help complete his breastfeeding phase? looking for which feedings to drop, how to deal with potential soreness, how many days or pace, etc. Emotionally, i have been getting ready for this for several weeks. It sure is hard but he’s showing me the way already and i want this to go as smooth as possible.

  • J
    Jan 22

    Hi. I weaned my son right after his 1 year birthday around Thanksgiving. Here is the schedule that worked for us. About two weeks before I planned to stop, I dropped one daytime feed, subbing milk & making sure he was eating enough regular food. After a couple days, I dropped another and so on until he was only nursing first thing in morning and just before bed. When we were ready to drop the AM feed, I just made sure he got a good breakfast right away since he was used to nursing when he woke up. I also started distancing the last feed from his bedtime gradually & having my husband do his bedtime routine so he would start to separate breastfeeding from his bedtime routine. Then, the feed before bed was the last to go. My son was a little cranky when we started dropping daytime feeds, but I just distracted, offered snacks, cuddled etc. After he was weaned completely, my husband continued handling his nighttime routine for a bit. Honestly, it was way more emotionally difficult for me than I expected, but my son handled it like a champ. And because we weaned gradually, I really didn’t have much soreness. A little fullness for a week or two was about it. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  • Rose
    Jan 22

    My one year old began trying out water as well. She digs it more than milk I think so...worked for me so maybe for you? Happy Birthday!

  • Darrien
    Jan 23

    Substitute breast feedings with sippy cups and then slowly cut off each feeding and either trade it for milk or take it away all together

  • Kacie
    Jan 24

    I started by dropping the feeds that didn’t involve naps or bedtime and substituted them with whole milk. I have had an oversupply (it’s a blessing and a curse) and it was emotional for me to drop each feed, so I gave myself about a week before dropping another. For preventing clogged ducts and soreness, remember that it’s a transition so it’s okay to pick up a feed that you’ve dropped so you don’t get mastitis.