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Age gap in siblings??


Is 5 year age gap too long in siblings?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05

    No! My husband and his brother are five years apart and they have a great adult relationship and their parents had a great helper when the new baby came. I firmly believe no gap is really too large, it’s about what works for you and how you encourage a positive relationship between siblings!

  • Makayla
    Aug 07

    No I’m 5 years apart from my brother, when you’re ready you’re ready no need to rush anything or not do something because of time.

  • Jennie
    Aug 08

    There's no right or wrong age to have kids! I have 5 kids, all about 2 years apart, which means some of them are 2 years apart and some of them are more! My oldest is 8 and has an amazing relationship with his 2yo sister. He's super compassionate with her and he even gets her dressed and brushes her hair in the morning. He's a sweet brother and I love what they have.