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Age gap in siblings??


Is 5 year age gap too long in siblings?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05

    No! My husband and his brother are five years apart and they have a great adult relationship and their parents had a great helper when the new baby came. I firmly believe no gap is really too large, it’s about what works for you and how you encourage a positive relationship between siblings!

  • Makayla
    Aug 07

    No I’m 5 years apart from my brother, when you’re ready you’re ready no need to rush anything or not do something because of time.

  • Jennie
    Aug 08

    There's no right or wrong age to have kids! I have 5 kids, all about 2 years apart, which means some of them are 2 years apart and some of them are more! My oldest is 8 and has an amazing relationship with his 2yo sister. He's super compassionate with her and he even gets her dressed and brushes her hair in the morning. He's a sweet brother and I love what they have.

  • Cristina
    Aug 29

    Absolutely not! My sister and I are 5 years apart and we have a great adult relationship. My sons are 5 years apart (ages 6 and 1) and I can’t imagine it any other way. I don’t know how people have 2 toddlers at the same time. My older one was very independent and helpful when the younger one was born. No jealously or any of those issues because he could understand that a baby’s needs are different. They play fine together now. I will say there is some inconvenience like right now we’re on a vacation and I’m in a hotel room with my little one napping and my husband and older son are out at the arcade. There can be some issues because the little one still has special needs that the older ones don’t but we will get a sitter for just the little one so the older can enjoy some regular big kid time without having to be on the baby’s schedule. Whatever way you decide to grow your family will work for you!

  • Stephanie
    Aug 30

    My oldest is 14 then surprise I now have a 5 month old...

  • Jamie
    Sep 05

    My oldest will be 21 next month and surprise! I have a 3 month old. Also a 1 1/2 year old Grandson. Yes, I said grandson Lol. My daughter loves her brother and despite the two decade age difference there is still some jealousy over my attention. They already have a unique and strong bond. My son only laughs out loud for his sister and already cries when she puts him down to leave. They have already created a foundation to have a stronger bond when he is much older. Also, my grandson loves to help with the baby by giving him a paci, holding his hand, handing us burp cloths, showing the baby his toys. It’s cute.