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Allergy to shellfish?

I strictly breastfeed and I've noticed that the couple of times I've eaten shrimp my 3 month old daughter has been up all night fussing and seems really uncomfortable. Is there a possibility that she can have an allergy like that this early? She doesn't ever get like that except those 2 times I've eaten shrimp

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Sep 06, 2018

    I would google the science on allergies. My understanding is that foods stay in your milk for two weeks, so it would be more than a fussy night or two. She probably just had gas, but your being a wonderful, concerned new mom trying to watch for everything and maybe observing and connecting things too much.

  • Jenna
    Sep 06, 2018

    As someone who is allergic to shellfish...... you would know.... you would take her to the ER for her profuse vomiting and diarrhea.