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Almost 5 months PP and my hair has been falling out like crazyyyyy for the past 3 weeks. Any advice?


Im still taking my prenatal vitamins but is this normal? I mean my hair had thinned out like it never had before and I’m begging to worry when this is going to stop 😔.

  • Madi
    Dec 29

    Same happened to me it was mostly my hair line I took vitamin E and biotin worked miracles. Now I have tons of baby hairs that are a pain. 😅 but better than looking bald lol.

  • Aje
    Dec 29

    I had the same problem. I took biotin too but I think it’s more of a hormone issue. It’ll stop happening eventually. I remember it went on so long that I was terrified I’d be bald and then it suddenly stopped.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 29

    Mine slowed down at 8 months pp. I could have sworn I was like a cancer patient, I could get handfuls of hair in the shower! It was horrible. I’m 12 months pp now and my baby hairs are WILD.... can’t wear my hair up anymore. I don’t really know if there’s anything to help with it, but it is normal

  • AVG
    Dec 29

    Thanks ladies!! I know it’s hormone related but every day my hair comes out in a bunch I just feel like I’ll go bald! I’ll try Vitamin e & biotin. See if it helps!

  • Beatrice
    Dec 29

    It’s gonna happen usually for 3-4 months n stop out of nowhere really not much u can do

  • Lily
    Jan 01

    It happens....and you will get a bunch of short little hairs. mine are still really short, and my little one is 16 months