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Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy BF?


LO is 6 mo. I’ve been BF since birth, she ended up hating bottles after 3mo. Of course I love that my baby is getting the benefits of my milk and it’s free. Win. I have great supply. Double win. Buuuut I hate... well hate is a strong word but I just don’t like that I have someone at my boob everyday multiple times a day. We’ve introduced solids but she’s ehhh about it. I try but don’t force her. Is there any other mommas out there who feel my pain? Literally. (She’s growing teeth now 😭)

  • Candace
    Feb 16

    🙋🏾‍♀️ I’m in the same boat with u my love. My son just made 4 months and dont want to take the bottle or binky. I’m tired of being his human binky. And I miss having a few drinks in my life. I working with him with baby food and he’s not really with it and I tried 5 different bottles and nothing. I have 2 more months for him to take the bottle before I go back to work or I’m screwed.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 16

    She’s does the same. She doesn’t take the binky either since she was 2mo! And she definitely comfort feeds too.. You said it right, I definitely miss having a few drinks. She wasn’t interested at that age either. I’m glad I’m not the only one tired of BF. I got 6 month more months of this till I cut her off the boob for good! Lol

  • Anonymous
    Feb 17

    Wow! That sounds painful! She already grabs my boob skin with her nails I can’t imagine the nipple!! Ouch! Thanks for the advice maybe a glass or two once a week will be okay to do.

  • Tara
    Feb 17

    I feel your pain. I just successfully weaned my 14 month old off the boob- wooohooo!!! And honestly, I am very happy to have my body back, even this new saggy version! Some friends kept telling me that I should BF up until baby decides he’s had enough, but frankly, I had enough and gradually weaned the little man (his 8 teeth!) off me... hang in there. You’ll feel very proud and glad when you wean, knowing you did your very best for baby. Then again, i remember reading Bottled Up a few years ago and was struck by the author disregarding the notion that BF is free: The time and effort a breastfeeding mother dedicates (even if she pumps and bottle feeds) is certainly NOT free. Hang in there mama!

  • Kieli
    Feb 18

    I bf my daughter for 13 months and was so ready to have my body back when I was done. But the older she got, the more solids she ate, which at 6 months was not a lot at all, the less she needed/wanted the breast. When I was ending my bf journey I pumped once a day and only had her on me about 2 times a day. So I know it’s hard, and painful as they get teeth but if it’s a journey you want to finish out it will get better! And if you decide not to finish it out, that’s okay too. The choice is so different and sometimes impossible for some moms. Good luck, and enjoy your baby as she’s still so little!

  • Mama
    Feb 22

    I hate it too - except love the benefits like you mentioned. But hoping to do it for a year. Just gonna stick it out haha 🤷🏽‍♀️