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Am I wrong to get mad?

Okay so I'm 19 my bf is 22 almost 23 we have a 3month old together but he barely dose things with him only if I say to watch him while I got to the bathroom or if I ask he rarely does anything if I dont say something he works rn I dont we are trying to save money so I stay at home with my baby boy all day and take care of him at night I still brestfeed but when I ask him to do something he just toys to leave or hang out with his cousins and leave me with the baby for 2 or 1 hour after work or on his days off it's so bad that our son only sleeps on me and only wants me to hold him he dosint like my bf holding him or sleeping on him what should I do?

  • Anonymous
    May 29

    You should have a discussion about raising the child together and that means he needs to do his job as a father. Feed, burp, change, hold, rock, comfortably and anything else that needs done. He should also be doing the house work; you can split that up. At first the baby might not the way dad does things but with time the way his dad does things will be comforting for him. It’s all about how you and your baby want to be treated in the relationship. Good luck

  • May
    Jun 30