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Amount of solid food for six month old

What is a proper amount to feed a six-month-old for solid foods if they have been eating solids for around a month and a half (mostly purées but a few “regular” foods). Normally I give solids twice a day once at lunch and one for dinner 45-60 minutes after BF. Should I just feed him until he’s full?

  • Rinker
    Nov 28, 2018

    Its been a min since my kids where 6 months old but I think I started them with the gerber stage 1 around 6 months n that's the puree jars. I gave half of a fruit n half of a veggie for lunch and dinner with bottle after and breakfast was whole jar of fruit and bottle after. They didn't always eat it all so I would put it up for next meal but it really depends on your kid. I wouldn't think a 6 month old should eat more than a whole jar of fruit and vegetables at one meal tho... And then I stepped up to the meal in a jar which is still the puree (so veggie, fruit and meal but only half jar of each) they will let you know if they want more but I would watch over feeding them. That's why I did bottle last. Gives em time to realize they are full and sleepy 😉

  • Jenn
    Nov 29, 2018

    My Ped told me to give my 6 month old as much as she wants, from a few bites to a whole jar. She also told me to feed her twice a day for a week, and if she tolerates that well, go to 3 times a day. I generally give her about 2 oz of a puree and then however much she wants of little bits of something at a meal.