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Annoying dad!

Every time my 8 month old baby girl cries her dad thinks she’s in pain and always tells me to give her Tylenol, he thinks it’s from baby’s teeth the entire time or just when a tooth is about to grow in? He makes me second guess myself that I don’t know when she’s in pain or just wants to fight taking her naps.

  • Heather
    Sep 07, 2018

    My daughter was teething allll the time, the teeth strong pushing out on onto the gums before we notice yet meds are the answer always, Ice in a mesh teething bag is awesome! Etc tricks ;)

  • anonymous mom
    Sep 07, 2018

    My husband is the same way in that whenever she cries he wants some kind of action to stop the thing I’ve finally convinced him of is that it takes at least 45 minutes for Tylenol to work, so If I give her Tylenol and she immediately stops crying that means it was unnecessary.

  • Michelle
    Sep 07, 2018

    I’m sure you know this but try not to give your baby so much Tylenol even if your husband says to. Make cold popsicles for her if it is her gums hurting from teething. I’m not sure on recipes for home made popsicles but Pinterest is always a great source ♥️ hope things get better for your little one

  • Andrea
    Sep 07, 2018

    We try to only give meds at night if we suspect teething, and then only if it’s keeping baby awake. Things we do during the day - teething toys, wet wash cloths put into the freezer, frozen ice pops / otter pops that haven’t been opened, sometimes a paci will help also.

  • Nessa
    Sep 07, 2018

    During the day try a cold cucumber peeled and cut into 4 strips. My daughter loves it and chews on it for a half hour! Also try Boon silicone feeder with frozen fruit in it.

  • Sara
    Sep 07, 2018

    I have family members that are the same way! You know your baby best. I read that teething pain is only for a few days before a tooth comes in.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 07, 2018

    Tylenol is horrible, don’t over use... trust your gut