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Any book to stimulate my baby?

Hi everyone! I’m ISO some books to stimulate physical, mental, and social to my baby girl. She is almost 5 months old. Thank you in advance!

  • Jenn
    Jan 04

    My LO loves the indestructibles books, especially Baby Faces. They are also nice because baby can chew on them without ruining them. She also loves books with animals and we always say "night night" to sleeping animals. Peekaboo Animals is good for fine motor.

  • PK
    Jan 04

    There’s these small little board books that have a hole in the middle for a finger puppet animal. They have all different kinds of animals but we have the baby fish one since he was 4 months. My son is almost 2 and he still loves it. And he also loves the lift the flap books like Dear Zoo.

  • Giovanna
    Jan 05

    Thank you!!❤️

  • Michaela
    Jan 05

    I think reading anything is great for baby’s development! But board books are the best route right now since she’ll be grabbing at them and you don’t want the paper pages to rip. My LO likes to go over to his book shelf and take all the books off it, so I always take the cue to read them to him. He grabs at whatever book I have so I just pick up a new one and start reading it. Right now it’s a game but some day soon he will sit and listen :) have fun!

  • Cristy
    Jan 05

    My daughter loved/loves Pat the Bunny. At first it is more of a read to them and then as they get older they model the activities. Super cute and fun.