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Any humidifier recommendations for toddler room?

  • Jaimie
    Nov 13, 2018

    We struggled with this for awhile - we bought expensive humidifiers and went through 2 or 3 before we tried a better-priced ‘Safety 1st’ - they’re not really cute, but it’s lasted longer than any of the others I’ve had, and are easy to keep clean.

  • Aida
    Nov 14, 2018

    The keeping clean part is the hard part. We bought an expensive Dyson humidifier and it works great, but the cleaning part is a pain! I almost feel like we should just get a new regular priced humidifier for each season now and just accept that after a while it will just not be clean enough, have to replace. Such a pain!

  • Kristi
    Nov 14, 2018

    We have one now but I feel the same way...after awhile you can only get it so clean so just easier to replace.