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Any ideas for quiet toys for waiting or church services?

My girls are 3 and 4. I am just looking for some new ideas that I might not have used yet to give them something different. Wanted to see if there are some toys or trinkets I haven’t seen yet or, some hacks that other parents use to entertain kids quietly at these ages while having to sit still for extended periods of time.

  • Andy
    May 14

    Biggest thing for us is variety. We have two versions of the church bag with different toys in it that we rotate through. They really like the Melissa and Doug Water Wow books where you paint the picture with water. They like the books with built in puzzles on each page. They like coloring and activity books. But the biggest success for us is just crayons or markers and a blank sheet of paper. Sometimes a prompt of what they can draw or make helps them get going, but it keeps them entertained far longer than toys. Other times especially when they were a little younger I would draw something they like such as themed roller coaster and they will watch me intently as a draw it to see what happens next. Our 4 year old likes it when I fold the paper into little books and she makes a seek and find book.

  • Holly
    May 17

    Ooooh! I love love the idea of making your own paper book. I really enjoyed that growing up. An idea for you if your kids are still young enough is Wiki Sticks. My girls will play with them for the entire hour long service.