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Any moms feel stir crazy from the transition to becoming a stay at home mom?

Nobody warns you about how hard the transition from working all the time and having to change over to being home all day not having any adult interaction. A part of me feels bad about this because I love my son and want to be with him all the time yet crave to have that “importance again” Any advice ?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 31

    A lot of moms, if they find some extra time, turn to Etsy projects - you get to be creative and be your own boss. I was working over 60-70 hours a week and now am a stay at home mom. I miss some aspects of work but know that now all my attention is on my daughter and family. Mainly just cleaning up after everyone. : ) In the future I’m considering a part time position remotely but we will see how that goes when baby #2 comes along. Just take advantage of all the time you have with your son. They are moments you’ll never experience again. You are the most important thing to him. It’s different because he can’t tell you or reward you or ‘promote’ you like at work, but this is just as important, if not more.

  • Sarah
    Sep 15

    I’m going through the exact same thing. It’s really tricky because this baby time is so short yet somehow so challenging. Even when you start new projects—It’s also so hard because as soon as you take an hour or half hour or let’s be real 10 minutes to work on a project e.g. fix the garden etc, baby cries! Then when you’re on your way over to tend baby,husband doesn’t understand and mentions you’re being selfish and taking it out on baby by not paying attention to it etc. Sooooo helpful. It’s a really frustrating paradox because it seems like oh I’m not working now I should have time for everything. I don’t know the answers yet but I’m sending you love!

  • Y
    Sep 22

    Seriously, being a FTM is the hardest thing I’ve every had to do. I am incredibly grateful to be with my 3yr old and infant everyday versus a daycare. But I do wonder how other moms survive. I’m lucky to have 5 minutes to myself. And always plan to have some self care time when they go to sleep, but by then I’m exhausted. On top of it all, I’ve been trying to find a part time job to substitute my income, but there’s never enough time in the day to search.