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Any recommendations for a tool box for young toddler?

My daughter is about to be 14 months and seems very interested in all kinds of nuts n bolts. She’s touching chairs, door hinges etc. so my question is any one ever used any tool box with their young kiddo that is not a choking hazard?

  • Haley
    Feb 12

    There’s always toy tool sets available. But if she didn’t find interest in those you could put several nuts on a zip tie, was my first thought. Or if you’ve seen those busy boards. Tons of ideas on Pinterest. Good luck!

  • Julie
    Feb 16

    Hi Raji, have you found anything yet!? My daughter is similar to yours, she loves nuts n bolts and I’d like to get her something too but everything I’ve seen has small parts. I feel like she’s well past the stage of randomly putting things in her mouth but don’t want to be foolish and leave obvious choking hazards with all her toys and have something awful happen just when I let my guard down!!!

  • Perry
    Feb 20

    My son is 2 and absolutely loves this little tool bench. He doesn’t try putting anything in his mouth anymore but I suppose if that’s still a concern you could tighten or remove some of the blots those are really the only semi small pieces

  • Raji
    Feb 20

    Thanks for posting this Perry..... I did see this and looks fun. Definitely an option for when she is a bit older as she just started putting things in her mouth 🤦🏻‍♀️ @ Julie.... haven’t found anything that doesn’t have small pieces. We are considering husband trying to make a busy board for her but it’s not exactly nuts n bolts.

  • Elle
    Mar 05

    As first commenter suggested, maybe thread some nuts and bolts through some hemp/rope?