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Any suggestions to potty train 30 months old boy


My son is not showing interest in potty training; he is not communicating after pooping in diaper as well. Any suggestions or tips to train my son?

  • PK
    Sep 04

    I recommend reading the Oh crap potty training book to get you started. My son never communicated that he needed his diaper changed either but we potty trained him at 28 months anyway. Took us 4 days of staying at home before I felt we were ready to venture out.

  • jamie
    Sep 04

    Has he watched his dad use the bathroom? He may want to copy what his dad is doing and maybe try peeing standing up.

  • JEaton
    Sep 04

    I second reading the Oh Crap Potty Training book before you start the potty training venture - his success is going to rely on you being fully committed to the process once you start. I used this method with my son and he was potty trained right before he turned 2. Going to the bathroom in the diaper is all he's known and it's completely normal to him, you'll have to get the ball rolling for him. Good luck!

  • J
    Sep 05

    We are almost a week in with the Oh Crap method. My 30 month old son didn’t show interest in potty, “hide “to poop, ask to have his diaper changed, etc. either. He has been very reliable with pee since day 2/3. Poop we are still working on bc he doesn’t go very often as it is & less since potty training. You do have to be 100% commited to staying home until it clicks for him.

  • Vonda
    Sep 06

    We are also doing the ‘oh crap’ method. It’s working great for us. My son is still working on getting to the potty in time for poop. He is doing good on pee. But we are only almost a week in. My son is 23 months.