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Any tips on keeping the baby safe at crawling

Hi parents, my 8 months old son is crawling 😂, and my daughter never crawled, she went straight to walking, so I don't have any experience with crawling. Whenever I look at him doing it, I'm freaking out that he will hit an edge of a wall or a corner of any sort and hurt his head. Any ideas how long this phase will last? My heart can't take it lol. And any tips on what I could do to make his crawling fun and safe? Thanks

  • Mandy
    Oct 28

    Our son crawled for about 4 months prior to walking. If corners of walls really scare you, you could get this foam protector. Once our son got the hang of it, he took wide turns around corners, so we didn't worry about corners. Just kept all the things I didnt want him to get off the floor. Roving Cove | Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards | Safe Edge & Corner Cushion | Child Safety Furniture Bumper | Table Protectors | Pre-Taped Corners | 20.4 ft [18 ft Edge + 8 Corners] | Coffee Brown

  • Nousa
    Oct 28

    Thank you so much, I hope mine doesn't take that long lol.