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Anybody else’s kiddo taking a yogurt bath at meal times???

My 16 month old has been trying to use a spoon for a while now with not much improvement. She is able to scoop food on the spoon and bring it to her mouth but then DUMPS it in. She does this twist the spoon in her mouth thing and half the food falls right out. Anybody else go through this....... any tips to help her?? She won’t let us do the hand over hand thing or adjust the spoon in her hand. We also got several different sizes of spoons for her. And yogurt is her all time favorite.

  • Susan
    May 14

    It’s normal :) my 18 month old just mastered spoon eating and still gives herself a yogurt bath haha. Doesn’t bother me, though it did with my older daughter. Now it’s just shrug, I’ll clean her off when she’s done, don’t have the time/energy to fight it. She’ll get it in her own time, not much you can really do to help. If the mess bothers you just be on stand-by with napkins or damp paper towels to clean in between bites. Also, they make huge bib-smock hybrids you can look into that cover the shoulders and lap

  • anonymous mom
    May 14

    I read somewhere (I think on here actually!) that they often turn the spoon upside down because it fits in their mouth better (the curve fits more easily with the roof of their mouth I think??). Anyway, it’s normal!!! My daughter is 20 months and has been using a spoon forever and still makes a beautiful mess whenever it’s something like yogurt or soup!! One thing I found is she’s way wayyyy better now that I started giving her a regular adult sized spoon. I’m not sure why but she handles it way better than her tiny baby one. I also sit in front of her eating the same thing and show her over and over how I take only small spoonfuls of food. It somewhat helps but fancy clothing at eating time!! Lol.

  • Anonymous
    May 14

    Shirtless is what we do... no other advice here 🤣 if she lets you maybe try holding her hand and guiding it into her mouth??

  • Liza M.
    May 14

    Same movie playing over here! I usually hold the yogurt container because she doesn't care if I manipulate that part. I hold it closer to her mouth and try to scrap her chin off a little and catch the huge glops if they fall from her mouth. I realize this can't last forever, but I figure mastering the spoon AND holding the yogurt cup is too much coordination so here we are.

  • K
    May 14

    So, I do let my girls go wild on their yogurt bc it’s just good utensil practice, but I do have 2 tips that may help. 1) I started putting their yogurt in small silicone cupcake molds. They can choose to dip their other foods in it, use their spoon or pick it up and basically smash it in their face. This is the messy tip, but it keeps it contained much better. 2) I put it in a Take n Toss straw cup. Works perfectly. My girls are 18 mths, but started this at around 10 mths. They still like it this way bc it’s a snack in the go. Side note: the Take n Toss cups come in girly colors on Amazon 😁.

  • Raji
    May 16

    I should’ve bought a smock like bib I saw at IKEA the other day; seemed big enough to cover her lap. I guess I was getting tired of washing her shirts n pants after lunch n dinner; at least with warmer weather they will dry easier. And, here’s to hoping she’ll get it one of these days :)