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Anybody have a home birth?


I am considering a home/water birth this time around as I'm pregnant with my second. Would love to hear other people's experiences.

  • Gretta
    Aug 15, 2019

    I did and it was amazing! Although I can't compare it to a hospital birth, as both my births were at home. But home birth midwives are great at letting you control just about every aspect of your birth, and it's a very low-stress way to do it. For our second, he was born at night and our 2 year old slept the whole time so we didn't even need a babysitter

  • Jennie
    Oct 29, 2019

    I've had 4 hospital births and 1 home birth. I'd absolutely choose home birth when it's in my power. My last 2 I had to transfer care at the least minute due to breech position and going past 42 weeks (both rule out home birth). But I totally love how comfortable home birth is, midwifery care (including postpartum) and the ease of not having to leave in labor.