Anyone dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum ?

I have been dealing with HG for about 30 weeks now and being on anti nausea meds around the clock. I can’t work, i have trouble keeping up with house chores and my husband has been the sole care taker of our 20 month old and finances. Would love some feed back it can feel so lonely...

  • Stacy
    Jul 31

    I had HG when I was pg w/ my son. I actually tore my esophagus it was so bad. Just remember, in 10 weeks (give or take) it will be over... ahh major hugs to you. Getting up slowly helps, get onto your side, bring your knees up and push up with your arms. #bestofluck

  • Olivia
    Jul 31

    I had it during my pregnancy. I threw up every single day until my daughter was born. I was hospitalized 4 times and put on fluids because I was severely dehydrated. I lost a ton of weight. I think the most frustrating part was other women suggesting ginger or pops and all of the other common tricks. I tried everything. The only thing that worked was taking a combination of a b vitamin with unisom. My ob recommended it and it did help occasionally. I can imagine what it's like having it while having to care for a child. Hang in there!

  • Amanda
    Aug 06

    I feel for you!!! I had it with my first until two days after I gave birth. It was controlled with diclegis. With this pregnancy, I started off with meds but was still violently ill. It ended up not working after awhile and I haven’t been on any HG meds since about 15 weeks. Somehow the nausea had subsided, but at 34 weeks I started throwing up again from the heat and heartburn. I’ve started working strictly from home again because just the commute to work would overheat me and I’d throw up as soon as I got into the office. It’s stressful and really frustrating when you have moms tell you just eat smaller meals or that they had morning sickness for a few weeks. I keep telling myself that I’m so close and that I can’t wait to meet this baby because although I love being a mom I truly hate being pregnant. Best of luck!

  • Jaymie
    Sep 14

    It’s the worst! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I had it for my entire pregnancy and was hospitalized a couple of times. It can definitely feel isolating, but during my journey I found that there are A LOT of moms who have this disease, although most are undiagnosed. There are a lot of women in your corner! I started following a few groups on IG just to read the supportive posts. It might sound strange but even just reading another mom expressing her struggles made me feel like I wasn’t alone with mine. I follow HyperemisisSisterhood and #hyperemesisgravadarum. Stay strong Mama you will get through this!