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Anyone else read "Oh Crap Potty Training"...


And feel like it just wasnt the right fit? I found the book to be informative and useful on many levels but knowing my kid I just dont think that method will be the best for her. Just wondering what others thought of the book and experiences with it. TIA!

  • Ivana
    Nov 23

    I read it but took her advice with a grain of salt, not really because I thought it wouldn’t be the right approach for my daughter, but because it’s totally unrealistic to think you can take them to daycare naked! So I also read the 3 day method book and took whatever I wanted to from both books. We ended up training in underwear and that worked for us.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 24

    I've read it, and I've used it. Did everything in the book go according to the plan? No. Is he potty trained, and has been since he was 2.5? Yes. Would he still be in pull ups if I gently asked him if he felt like using the potty because Mommy wants him to, and it's time to be a big boy? Hell yes! I loved her logic on how toddlers think. It's such a refreshing reminder that toddlers don't think like adults, and diapers are all they have ever known. So my biggest advice for when you potty train is to get rid of the diapers for good because putting them in a pull up, but expecting them to go in the toilet is confusing, and a lot of the kids I see in pull ups are in them for a year or more because they aren't being given the clear message that the toilet is where pee/poop go.

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 24

    I bought the book and paid my niece read it and give me the CliffsNotes. Does that count?? 😬😆. I’m glad I didn’t spend any time reading it myself because in our case, our daughter just trained herself...I mostly was here to assist and she’s now been fully day trained at home and at her daycare for 4 months. It was unrealistic, my daughters school would never let her run around naked. She wasn’t even allowed to be without her pull-up during he day at school till she transitioned to the 2s room, so she’d be in a pull-up all day and still tell her teachers she had to pee/poop. Just go with your gut, mama. It’ll all work out!!!

  • Anonymous
    Nov 24

    I agree, I took some good info from it but didn’t follow it 100%

  • Anna
    Nov 27

    I read it, tried it, it didn’t work for us. I disagree with her now fundamentally on the opinion that potty training is just a socially learned behavior. It’s not that it’s not at all, obviously it is something we see our peers and family members do and that has an influence on us, but I also believe that a kid has to be cognitively and emotionally ready. Potty training is super emotional. I didn’t think it would be hard, especially after reading that book, it made it seem so simple. But unfortunately, after following her directions to a “T” for months, I felt like a failure and I was starting to make my kid feel ashamed because she hadn’t “gotten” it yet. As a first time mom, I had a friend who hadn’t read the book and I remember thinking, “oh, I’m so smart that I read this book and I’m ahead of the game. It’s silly of my friend to wait.” Then my friend waited for her kid to be “ready”, just let it happen naturally, and the kid potty trained in a few days. I have decided with my 15 month old that I will let her show me when she’s ready, not the other way around. seems natural to me that a kid will eventually not want to be in diapers anymore. So far, that’s the path I’ll take this time, and I don’t think I’ll regret it. Everyone can do what works and is right for them, but it’s definitely not right for me.

  • Diana
    Nov 27

    I bought it, all excited, until I started hearing everyone else’s rave reviews, explaining how their child only peed on the floor x number of times today... and I will fully admit that I selfishly did not want to clean up unnecessary bodily fluids. So I did exactly what everyone says you should never do and put my child in pull-ups. She was 90% there (even waking up dry) at 2.5, but then regressed for a few months. Now she’s been 100% reliable for a couple weeks and she just views the pull ups as equal to mommy’s underwear (she also has her own underwear for when she chooses to wear it). Zero stress on either of us. There’s enough other things to stress about in my opinion... peeing on the floor should not be one of them!

  • Jennifer
    Dec 01

    We just went through this over Thanksgiving! I read the book in its entirety and my husband read key chapters and the checklist/FAQ while on a business trip. Some of it was great, but the rest seemed totally unrealistic unless you have at least one stay-at home parent (Block one is three days but can take up to a week? Sorry can’t burn up the few vacation/sick days I have on a week of potty training). We were able to adapt it to our family during Thanksgiving. We warned everyone that was coming that we’d be potty training and to be ready to catch a half-naked baby or help clean up behind her as she learned. She was dicey the first two days, but it just clicked on Saturday (days 3&4). What worked for us was starting out half naked, as recommended, but using training pants for meals/walks/sleep (we have two large dogs so we can’t not have outings). The hardest part was pooping, but after the first couple she got it and would take herself to the potty just like she needed to pee. The difference was she needs something to distract her while doing #2–we read a board book called “Duck Goes Potty” and let her play with this bear bath toy (it’s designed to be like a ring-toss game in the bath, and she mindlessly moves the rings around). She wore underpants all day today and we’re all set to send her to daycare tomorrow without diapers. The only thing I wish is that the book talked more about articulating the need to potty. It encourages trying even before the 2 year mark, which we are (18 months), but even with regular signing and words prior to potty training our little one doesn’t TELL us it’s potty. She just gets this look and then stops and walks to the potty. She’s already talking a lot, and signs words she hasn’t spoken, but none of them are potty/pee/poop related. It’s my only concern for daycare tomorrow—they’ll have to take her to the bigger kid room (which has the potty) on a schedule or REALLY be watching her for her potty-dance, because she never actually says she needs to go. 🤷🏻‍♀️. I would warn that ours had very obvious signs that she was “ready” (even though the book says there’s no such thing). She had multiple dry diapers in a row, would NOT leave us alone in the bathroom (wanted to come in, try to peer between our legs, try to help by handing us TP), fighting like a tiny MMA fighter for every diaper change and trying to wipe herself...I was so relieved to start training, bc our second baby is due Feb 1st, so I wanted to get it locked in now rather than try a first attempt while juggling a newborn. Best of luck!