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Anyone using a swing similar to this one to make their baby sleep? My newborn only sleeps on this during the day when he’s more up, active and sometimes fussy. I just don’t know if it’s good to use this for long periods and I’m concerned if the continuous swinging motion has an effect on him. I tried putting him on his crib after he falls asleep on his swing but he would wake up and cry. He doesn’t like the swing to be stationary too, he prefers it in constant swinging motion.

  • Rochelle
    Feb 09

    Should be ok. Just make sure he’s not in there too long or it will cause a part of his head to flatten. Just incorporate a lot of tummy time.

  • Anna
    Feb 09

    My baby also went through a period when he was a newborn where he would only nap in the swing. I worried about it, but it was only a phase. It was either that or have him not sleep, and he needed to sleep!

  • Erika
    Feb 09

    My baby went through this too and he would not sleep anywhere else. He quickly got too big for it and actually flipped out of it one day 🙈 but what worked for us was slowly transitioning him. So for the first day I moved the swing to his room and turned it on, just how he likes it. Then the second day I turned the speed down, one notch down per day until it didn’t move at all. Then after that I took the swing out of the room and put him in his crib. It took a while but he now sleeps in his crib for naps and nighttime. It was a tough transition, he LOVED that swing. But it’s definitely doable!

  • Nessa
    Feb 09

    My baby took every nap in the swing until we went on vacation... I haven’t gone back to using it since we got home but she will only nap in her bed for 30 ish minutes instead of 1- 2 hours! Probably a good idea to start phasing it out around 3-4 months. I would do what Rochelle suggested or just try one nap a day in the crib. Good luck!

  • Heidi
    Feb 09

    We used that swing and I had the exact same concerns. My husband, who has 2 older kids, told me I was being crazy and my pediatrician told me it was fine, too. My son outgrew the weight limit at 6 months and transitioned very easily to napping in his crib. We literally had no problems with the transition (I will add he started at day care at 4.5 months and naps in a playpen there so it wasn't cold turkey when we transitioned him. But even at daycare, there were no issues outside of the normal first time in daycare stuff).

  • Melody
    Feb 10

    Loved this when the kid was a wee baby! She slept soundly during the day and longer than being in a crib. She got bigger and eventually, she wasn't a fan of being in it.

  • Kristin
    Feb 11

    Thank you everyone for the response, I really appreciate it! Like any other mom, I just want to let my baby get some sleep. At night, he does sleep on his bassinet as I think he’s too tired from being fussy during the day.