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Applying for Welfare Childcare


Hi so I’ll be working part time, I am eligible to meet the requirements for welfare to pay for childcare services for my son. But is there anything I should be aware of when I apply? Does it matter if it’s my in-laws? Or related to my son? She doesn’t live with me and the only person I know who can watch him and that I trust. I’m having my sons aunty watch him and I don’t have that much money to pay her so that’s why I’m gonna go with the welfare childcare they help pay for low income families that can’t afford childcare/daycare services and pay for a babysitter. My mom has done it, grandparents, aunty’s but that was like when I was a baby and my cousins were babies so idk if anything has changed. Please lmk if any of you mommas or daddies have done this! Going in tomorrow or Tuesday.