Attachment is unhealthy or healthy?

Hi moms, need your advice. My 14months old only prefers me when I am around, and wouldn’t let anyone else touch her unless I leave and she no longer sees me, this happens with daddy, grandmas and everyone. I am in school full time but also try my best to come home for lunch, and spend all my free time with her so I get to spend significant amount of time with her. People say that such attachment is unhealthy....? Did anyone else experience over attachment, should I be worried? Or do something? Thanks

  • Kieli
    May 18

    My daughter is almost 2, and just a few months ago started wanting her dad (almost) as equally as she wants me. She was like that since she born. She still prefers to be with me, but will go to her dad or grandma when I ask her too. She used to be so bad that when I would leave for work she would cry the whole time I was gone almost. So I started staying home. Which I don’t think helped, but she has out grown it mostly now

  • Anonymous
    May 18

    Just a phase! It will pass. My son did that too

  • Elizabeth
    May 18

    My daughter hates strangers and well we don’t have much family and her dad is not in the picture and so she’s just with me all the time. But we recently United with my daughters dad family and well I’m kind of showing her that it’s okay to be with them but slowly but surely she’ll get comfortable.

  • Yanis
    May 19

    My daughter did this with her dad. I am home with her all day; but as soon as he came home she wouldn’t let anyone else carry her or play with her. He couldn’t even go to the bathroom. She did this for over a year, but now that she turned 2 she plays with other people and is not as attached.

  • Julie
    May 19

    It’s definitely not unhealthy, at least not in my opinion!! Your daughter needs you right now and you’re in a position where you can give her what she wants!!! My daughter goes through phases where she wants me and only me and then she flips and is all about my husband. All that it means is that she’s so comfortable and secure that she knows she can turn and burn me and I’ll still love her just as fiercely anyway. I don’t think at this age it would be healthy at all to try to break this bond. She’s telling you what she wants, but more importantly, what she needs. There’s nothing wrong with giving her what she needs, and for now that’s mom!!

  • Danielle
    May 20

    Being attached to our parents and mother is so important and not unhealthy in my opinion! It could just a be a phase- often when babies/toddlers are going through a developmental leap/change they become extra clingy.

  • Myrtle
    May 22

    My 18 month old did the same thing with me. She still generally prefers me but has warmed up to other family members (including my husband). It’s much easier to leave now. In my opinion it is not an unhealthy attachment but quite the opposite very healthy! It is just a phase and it will pass