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Attention hogs - I can’t deal


First off for background, I’m the opposite of attention. I don’t like attention. I also don’t like desperate people who like attention or do things just for attention. Now, that said, how does one deal with people who do things for attention??? It’s so blatant and everyone knows it. I literally ignore them. But it’s becoming every moment that I ignore them now, and it’s becoming tense, and I can’t go on like this..... bc it’s a particular grandma to my child... ok it’s an in-law too 😂 How do you deal with adults who do things for attention?? For example, she actually says and does things louder and more obnoxious AND THEN LOOKS AROUND TO SEE WHO WAS WATCHING. And this isn’t just directed to my MIL, I am this way with anyone else.

  • Michaela
    Dec 14, 2018

    Ok my mom is so like this and it drives me nuts. She tells the same stories over again that she thinks will get a reaction. It’s pretty annoying honestly. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I interrupt her and say “yeah you’ve told me before”. My best advice would just be to not give her the attention she wants. Let her sit there expecting it while you get busy doing something else (maybe even get the family in on it if they feel the same) and I bet she’ll start feeling pretty foolish.