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Wow guys, the threenager is real. Like a really real thing. I used to laugh when friends would talk about it. But my little munchkin is giving me serious attitude right now. The back talk is something else!! And I am not handling it well. I feel like this is giving me a glimpse into the future when he’s a teen and we are just not going to have a good time of it if I can’t get this figured out. How am I supposed to act when he pulls an attitude or sasses me? What’s the best response so he knows it’s not ok but doesn’t set him off even more? I was SUCH a jerk to my family as a teen and I really don’t want to repeat this with my son...

  • Kristi
    Apr 09

    Take a deep breath and know you aren’t alone! Choose battles wisely and give him choices. Let him choose between 2 shirts to wear or something insignificant. It makes him feel like he is getting some control, which is much needed for his independence at this stage, without you really giving up anything important. Also I can’t stress this enough, BE CONSISTENT!!! This is a major time for learning boundaries and expectations! Above all, take a deep breath and count to 10 because he will mimic your frustrations as well! You will make it!! Maybe with a few gray hairs but he will be fine!

  • Ian
    Apr 10

    Hang in there! Our daughter started her threenager phase at 2.5 and had it strong until 3.5, after which she started to turn a corner. It felt like forever tho. Just know that it’s a season and it will pass. I also agree with all of what Kristi said in her comment.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 12

    My 3 year old was pulling the anger sassy attitude card and I just asked her point blank.."why are you angry?"She looked at me confused thinking "why am I angry?" and then stopped...hang in there you're not alone and you're doing great!