Reply to Did you notice a difference in your child's behavior after they started daycare?

How long has your kid been in daycare? My daughter went to her daycare when she was 18 months old. Especially she didn't like to be held by strangers. It took her a month to get used to. Then she was happy as can be, always coming home smiling. My co-workers daughter once went to a preschool for 6 months. Then one day, her daughter just continuously wake up crying and screaming at night. The parent felt there was something wrong with the daycare. When the parent question the school, they said nothing was wrong. But the parent instinct immediately remove the child from that school. There are bad daycares out there that I've heard horror stories. So my advise would be to continue to monitor your child behavior. If your child has been there for awhile and is coming home unhappy then something is definitely fishy. Have you read the other post that the mom say her daughter came home with red mark all around her wrist because the teacher pulled her when the daughter refuse to nap? Things like that are just unacceptable and we never know what happens behind close doors.