Reply to Tattoo while breastfeeding

I desperately wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate a specific date, but I was only 2 weeks PP and my OBGYN said it wasn’t okay just because my body needed to continue to heal other areas before I intentionally caused a new “wound.” So I waited. Then around 3 months PP she said it should be fine. I called to make an appt and the artist I had gotten inked from in the past said he wouldn’t do it while I was still nursing. He said he didn’t know the risks at all, but he was a dad and he wasn’t willing to risk it. Of course I had done a lot of research, and like others only came across that KellyMom article. So it seems there’s not much science behind any of it. It’s just the basic idea of not directing your body’s resources toward healing a new tattoo and “why expose your baby to something that COULD be toxic even though we don’t yet KNOW whether it is. In any regard, it’s in your past! Try not to worrry!! There will be SOOOOO many more things to worry about later. Clearly you’re thoughtful and careful. Don’t beat yourself up! Enjoy your ink! 💪🤟