Reply to Baby still not eating solids

Aww I’m sorry. It’s so frustrating and so easy to blame yourself. Don’t. Or at least try not to. I would say to be persistent with offering. Always put it in front of him, and every time you eat, sit him down to eat too. Also, definitely try to get in to see a food therapist, I’ve heard they can work wonders!!! And also, if you’re on instagram, follow and @kidfriendlymeals. Both of them talk a lot about pickiness but they do touch on texture problems sometimes too. They are also both accessible. As in, you can either comment on their most recent post and/or direct message them and ask them if they have any suggestions or if they know of other instagram users who talk about the similar challenges you’re facing with your little one. Just remember, you’re not alone. Lots of kids have this problem!!