Reply to My 1 year old and his Tantrums!!

Following as my 14 month old has gotten into this too. with us, I feel he’s largely following his 2.4 year old sister’s current tantrums. Double toddler meltdowns! Interesting re sign as I skipped that with my daughter. She was very clear with her needs, and used verbal language for all the basics by the time she was 1. Not with my son. With bedtime, I know with my daughter more than my son, she has meltdowns if she’s overtired on the verge of being overtired. It’s a fine line. The more tired I know we will be- because, for example, we had a long day out or she hasn’t had a long nap etc- i start earlier with downtime, speak more softly and slowly, do lots of reading and cuddling AND just before that, put on some crazy music/ or play the bongos and have a really good, somewhat manic dance to vent out all the anxious energy! I did it once for my own sanity, having been trapped at home all day with two sick toddlers a few months ago, and found the contrast after that to a gentle and long downtime worked really well. May be a specific thing for our home, but may also be fun to try!