Reply to Breastfeeding Vent session

I had a very similar situation. My daughter was tongue tied and we found out a bit late. I ended up getting thrush after having her back on the boob. So took time off to clear that. Needless to say I have been exclusively pumping since and my daughter is now 11 months. I would get a different lactation consultant and go to a free breastfeeding support class. If you are trying to increase your supply for baby I would eat oatmeal for breakfast. For pumping sessions get an app. I have sprout. It lets me keep track of when, how much and how long I pump. I pump ever two to three hours for 20 minutes every time. Do you think maybe your baby has reflux or a lip tie and it’s preventing her from still latching? I would also look at your nipple shields. I switched mine up a lot and got better results with ones that were different shaped. I know nipple shields suck. But if you can avoid exclusively pumping it will be worth it.