Reply to What are some learning activities to do with your 1 yr old ??

Also, I should have suggested if you’re on instagram you can try following busytoddler. She has good suggestions but most things I have to adapt to smaller ages because my daughter is only 22 months. Oh another thing with the hot weather is simple things like water play. Sooooo much fun and you learn a lot!!! Or even mix and make your own bubble solution, stuff like that. Also my daughters first day in her toddler classroom (she was 13 months at the time) they mixed up their own play doh from scratch and went to town. I was really surprised because I didn’t think a 13 month old (especially my crazy 13 month old, lol) would be capable of such an activity but she was and she loved it!!! So on those too hot summer days, try something like that indoors!!! They would mix up their own play doh then take plastic animals and make foot prints in it and just simple, fun stuff like that. And it’s mostly salt and flour and food coloring so at the end you don’t feel super wasteful tossing it In the trash...just wait till nap time because when I tried it at home there was allll sorts of drama when the play doh went bye bye in the trash can. Never again!! Lollll.