Reply to Holidays got me down

I am in a very similar situation. I have 2 children, my biological brother has 2 children, my two step-siblings have three children between them. My parents (biological father and step-mother) do not go 48 hours without seeing or speaking with the three boys and they all spend the night multiple times a month. However, my biological brother’s children only see them on occasions such as birthday parties and holidays (and not always). For almost 4 years and even as a newborn, my son may have seen them every few months and spent the night three times dispute living 15 minutes away. I just had a little girl, the first in the family, and they suddenly want to see her often. I am very bitter and want to scream at them! I want to show them how much they are missing out on an amazing little boy! Why should I allow them to want my little girl when they obviously don’t want my little boy?!?! But... I’m going to check my emotions at the door and be grateful that, even if it is just because I had a baby girl, Jude now gets a little more time with his grandparents because he really loves his pawpaw and nana! My one piece of advice that I learned from my childhood: be careful what you say. Try not to sway your child’s emotions in either direction. My biological mother’s family constantly bad mouthed my stepmother. My father never once said anything bad about my mother. I was able to see my mother for who she was. I still have to force myself to see my stepmom for who she really is.