Baby activities in the Castro and vicinity

San Francisco, CA

Does anybody know of any good activities / story the Castro, Mission, Noe area (or within 15 mins or so) that are suitable for an 8 months old besides Charlie's Corner? TIA

  • Anne
    Feb 26

    Parent & child yoga at Chant is fun, not sure what the minimum age is but you could ask:

  • antigrav_kids
    Mar 01

    They have baby socialization at Noe Valley Parks and Rec. The schedule changes, but it's in the morning. Duboce Park is full of puppies most days. Bernie's Coffee is awesome with kids, there's a parklet right outside. Almost all the public libraries also have story times (Noe Valley & Excelsior are especially nice and close to Noe and Mission). If you're near downtown, it's fun to go to City Hall just off Mission to watch all the fancy people in wedding clothes. The grassy area, not to mention the playground, at Delores Park is super-nice. You can hop on the 5R on Mission, and head to the Rose Garden at Golden Gate Park. If you're in the mood to quaff a beer with a kid in your lap outside, I'd hop on the MUNI or BART and head to Irish Bank downtown, they have really nice outdoor seating. The DeYoung hsas 0 - 3 y.o. toddler tours. I'd suggest using a wrap instead of the strollers they promote. (I'd suggest a wrap for all of my recommendations actually, but I digress). That's about it for now. I'll chime in as I think of other things! When we got here the youngest was 5 months old, and we loved being out and about with her in the city!