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Baby blues and teething


Anyone else feel like they have the baby blues while their baby is teething? My son is normally happy and content and easy going but for the last two months he has been miserable. Aside from the top and bottom front two teeth he got at 6 months, he just had two more erupt and one was a molar. There are more coming but it is being dragged out and I feel so impatient. He is constantly whining and crying and wanting to be held. He doesn’t sleep through the night. At barely 13 months, the tantrums have already started when he doesn’t get his way. I’m exhausted from tending to all of the extra demands lately. I’m trying to make him as comfortable as possible while his teeth are bothering him but I just don’t remember it being this rough with my first son. Anyway, if anyone can sympathize with my feelings right now or have any insight on when this stage should taper out that would be helpful. Thanks!