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Baby Carrier


So i have a baby carrier. How many weeks before i can use it for my baby? She’s 8lbs. 3weeks old 4 days...

  • Rachel
    Mar 20

    I wore my last two six pound babies the day we came home from the hospital in a ring sling. General guideline is not until they are 7/8 pounds but I’ve been babywearing a LONG time now Nd felt totally confident and comfortable.

  • Sara
    Mar 20

    Depends on the carrier but many can start at birth for full term babies. Check the manual!

  • Janis
    Apr 30

    I think wraps are better for newborns than baby carriers, because they have a much better kangaroo hold. It keeps the little one snug tightly to your chest (which they love), and it also supports their hips and legs in a frog position. If you research about baby hip development and baby carriers, there is more information about proper support so they do not end up having problems with hip dysplasia later on down the road.