Baby food pancakes/breakfast ideas

I know this sounds lazy but my baby is a morning girl and I’m still not quite there yet as I still have that internal alarm that makes me instinctively wake up every couple of hours to check on her. Ive been trying to make breakfast every morning for her, but I find myself just repeating the same recipes over and over again. Scrambled egg with a veggie mixed in, some fruit, and toast with some kind of spread on it. I’ve heard of baby pancakes using left over baby purée, but all the recipes are made from scratch. Can I add it to a premade mix? Or is that just too processed? And what other things have other moms and dads found to make in the mornings that are quick and easy but healthy and balanced at the same time?

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 29

    I use premade mixes often and don’t feel bad about it (to be fair I look for the word “organic” on the box to make me feel like less of a troll mama. Haha). I have no idea about adding baby food to pancakes but I’d say just give it a try!! My daughter mostly spits puréed food out so I don’t even try anymore but mixing it into a pancake is a great idea!! Okay so at our house breakfast is also easy and sometimes repeated but hey, breakfast is early and last I checked I’m still waking up 3x a night sometimes so sorry Charlie, boring breakfasts are my specialty. Lol. Here are some of my daughters favorites: -hard boiled eggs, toast w/ butter, and fruit -blueberry pancakes made from an organic pancake mix. I try to find eggless mixes because my 20 month old loves to “help” which means eat. -blueberry cottage cheese pancakes. These are awesome and one of my daughters favorites. 2 eggs, one cup of cottage cheese, and a half cup of any pancake mix. Use lots of butter or oil because they stick easily. Add blueberries. So yummy and full of protein. Also, on those really rough mornings there’s nothing wrong with rice crispies and raisins with milk or yogurt and fruit!! Oh and one other thing, if all else fails, bacon also makes a toddler feel better too. Hehe.

  • Cathy
    Apr 29

    I agree with Julie. Also try mixing an egg and banana together and frying it like a pancake. Lots of protein and healthy too. We do quick oats/almond milk/cinnamon/honey. Microwave until a soft consistency. Add blueberries or bananas. It’s so fast. We also eat “Two Good,” Greek yogurt since it has only 2 grams of sugar and 12 grams of protein. Sometimes sausage and just frozen waffles. Always fruit in some way. What about a smoothie? Greek yogurt, milk and fruit? Maybe a bit of spinach? We do toast and pb. Also avocado toast too.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 29

    You can add it to a premade mix! We more or less make our own dry mix and use it as premade mix for either regular or pumpkin pancakes, and I imagine the addin of pumpkin purée is just like adding baby food. We make banana muffins and sweet potato biscuits too. I usually prepare the mix or the whole thing at an earlier time. Oatmeal with Pb and applesauce is easy and different. Or yogurt with fruit. We really have a rotation of bagel, oatmeal, eggs (with sides of fruits and nuts) and then when I’m feeling bold or rested I’ll do biscuits, pancakes, muffins. I like to think it’s normal to not always have a large variety in breakfast.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 29

    We do a lot of frozen “organic” waffles/pancakes to be honest. I scramble up an egg often, Greek yogurt with fruit, pb toast, avocado, my son even likes Cheerios with a littttttttle bit of milk in a bowl, but over all- same boat I’m boring.

  • Preeti
    Apr 29

    Milkshakes- milk with dry fruits and avocado to make it thick so that my toddler can scoop and eat easily

  • Kristin
    Apr 30

    Similar to above comments & on very busy days / mornings, I would heat up a frozen waffle, Eggo, w/ a side of scrambled eggs & fruits. I recently just started frozen options w/ my 16 mo, but whole & fresh ingredients of course are much better, even for us adults. My son also started enjoying his peanut butter & jelly, still w/ a side of fruits as he like his fruits so much. Check out recipe ideas online like Baby Led Weaning recipes, there’s lots of quick & make ahead recipes for babies/toddlers!

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 30

    I forgot to mention if you’re on instagram then check out, she’s a nutritionist with kids and gives great ideas!!!

  • molly
    Apr 30

    You are a great mom for making fresh breakfast! so what if it repetitive? babies don’t mind.

  • Sara
    Apr 30

    I like Bobs Red Mill whole grain pancake mixes- same ingredients I would put in scratch, if/when I have more time. I usually add an extra egg (my kid won’t eat meat, so I amp up protein when I can), some times mashed banana or leftover cooked quinoa, a tablespoon or two of flaxseed meal, cinnamon, etc. leftover purées totally work, just reduce the liquid added to the mix. We love pumpkin or sweet potato. And the leftover pancakes freeze well- separate with wax paper in a freezer bag or container and just warm one at a time!

  • Christine
    May 02

    If she's eating it, don't worry about being repetitive! She'll let you know when she's bored of it. I had an amazing 6 month run of oatmeal + fruit every morning before mine got sick of it. It was so easy. I try to get the variety in at dinner time when I'm more awake ;)

  • Annie
    May 03

    Christine, that’s a good point. Thank you. Im sitting here all concerned and wondering if I’m a lazy mother but if she likes the easy stuff then hey! I’m lucky. That’s a bunch

  • Kerry
    May 06

    This sounds disgusting, but at that age I was making scrambled eggs with banana. My boys loved it. Also, I bought a bunch of Mason jars and would pre make yogart, Berry and granola (flaxseed, etc ) parfaits. Big hit!