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Baby Hair Regrowth


Help! I thought that my 5 month old baby was losing his hair, but caught him tugging and pulling his hair out at night. Since then, we've started using mittens and that seems to be helping, but now he has several bald patches on the back of his head :( Has anyone experienced this? Will hair grow back? Any tips on helping my little one speed up his hair growth?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 20

    I think you should be fine. When my son was born, the back of his head scraped against my tail bone and he had a scab there for the longest time. Then it fell off and he had a bald patch there. He’s 2.5 now... hair grew over the area. You can kinda see where that patch used to be but only if you know about it and look really hard for it. I think your son will be fine 🙂 it’ll just take some time.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 20

    His hair will grow back. Right now their hair is so fragile that it falls out easily. Bald spots are completely normal

  • Justyce
    Sep 22

    Coconut oil worked for my baby

  • Destin
    Nov 04

    My daughter had quite a bit of hair when she was born, a couple months later she had next to none...but she is one now and has a full head of hair again that keeps getting longer and longer! Babies sleep most of the time, so their hair just kinda falls out, sometimes creating what looks to be bald spots! But rest assured that it will grow back! And as they become more mobile and not sleeping nearly as much, the hair will grow back!