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Baby is biting 😭

Hello ladies my one year old keeps on biting my boobies (she has 4 teeth in the front) I tried putting her on the floor right after & telling her she can’t do that but she continues to bite. Any tips?

  • Janna
    Feb 18

    When she bites take her off. Tap her lips firmly and say don’t bite. Put her down and put the boobs away. She will cry. Wait about 10 minutes to go back to feeding her. After a couple times she’ll stop.

  • KZR💛
    Feb 18

    Take boob out and sternly say you can’t do that, it hurts mommy. My 13.5 no old does it very rarely- maybe a handful of times altogether, and each time she understands and continues without an issue. I think this is when they begin testing their limits. She’s even bit my thigh while wanting me to pick her up! 🙃

  • Anonymous
    Feb 19

    Ah this is the worst! I’ve bled on at least three separate occasions! And it stings so bad! I usually scream loud enough (an honest reaction to the pain) that it scares my LO off and when he goes back on I make sure the latch is better and I’m more attentive, and it doesn’t happen again during the same feed.